Steel Production Flow-Sheet

The Production of Steel:

The figures shown below schematically describes Steel Production. The process is broken up into two sections; the Primary Flow-Sheet followed by the Finishing Flow-Sheet.

The primary flow-sheet is broken down further into two streams; the KOBM (Basic Oxygen Steelmaking) Stream, and the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) Stream. The KOBM Stream uses primarily iron ore, coal, and limestone as feed materials; whereas the EAF Stream produces steel mostly from recycled scrap.

Primary Flow-Sheet

Raw Materials and Coke Oven Blast Furnace Casters Electric Arc Furnace MetSoc of CIM - Primary flow

Please note that information on the finishing flow sheet is not yet available.

Finishing Flow-Sheet

MetSoc of CIM - Finishing Flow

Description: The description of Dofasco's Hamilton steelworks is not yet available. The description of steel is also unavailable.