Requirements & Process for Nomination

Nominating a Deserving Candidate for a MetSoc Award

The Call for nominations for 2023 is closed.

Please note that the awards process is confidential, and as such, we ask that no nominations be disclosed or discussed, except by those who are preparing the nomination.

Required documents and process

Each award has its own conditions. The Call for awards nominations is open to only a select number of awards.  Please ensure that the candidate meets the criteria by viewing the award descriptions.

How do I nominate?

  1. Click the Nominate a Candidate button to begin your online nomination process.
  2. Create an account if you are a new user. (Please save your user and password).
  3. Indicate the name of your candidate and the award category.
  4. Submit the document(s) required.
  5. Save the submission.

Review Process by Committee

The Awards Chair ensures that all conditions of the award have been satisfied and the procedures were followed. Then the nomination and its supporting documentation are forwarded to the MetSoc Awards Committee.


  1. The awards committee will review the submission’s CVs and/or papers and prepare a short-list of candidates for each Award.
  2. Hold a teleconference and, if required, prepare a list of questions to be sent back to the original nominators via the selected person from the secretariat. Ie. the nominator must fill out further endorsements or letters attached.
  3. Before the voting takes place, the awards committee discusses the various short-listed nominees and reviews answers to any questions.
  4. The nominations are then put to a vote by ballot will of the committee. The ballot must include a “no award” option.


METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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