CIM Awards

The celebration and recognition of excellence within the mining and mineral industry is a tradition of which CIM is extremely proud of. The CIM Awards honour industry’s finest for their outstanding contributions in various fields. Their achievements and dedication are what make Canada’s global mineral industry a force to be reckoned with.

CIM Fellowship

Please refer to the CIM Website for complete details.

Past Recipients of the CIM Fellowship

1987 – 2020

1987 – R.I.L. Guthrie, D.J. Hains, M. Rigaud, P.Tarassoff, D.W. Wyslouzil
1988 – J.K. Brimacombe, W.C. Cooper, J.E. Dutrizac, E. Peters, P. Stubbs, J.M. Toguri, W.M. Williams
1989 – J.D. Boyd, J.E. Gruzleski, J.S.G. Kirkaldy, P.J. Hunt, B.H. Morrison, L.M. Pidgeon

1990 – W. Curlook, G.R. Heffernan, W.J. Langford, F. Weinberg
1991 – C. Bale, R. Bergman, W.G. Davenport, L. Seeley, G.C. Weatherly, D.R. Weir
1992 – G. Hatch, V. Mackiw
1993 – C. Diaz, C.J. Newman, M.L. Wayman
1994 – J. Cameron, J.J. Jonas, A. McLean, E. Ozberk
1995 – M.C. Bell, G.L. Bolton, G. Irons, D.A.R. Kay, J.P. Lewis, S. Marcuson, J. McGurn, H.J. McQueen, J. Peacey
1996 – B.R. Conard, P. Mackey, J.W. Matousek, W. Petruk, G. Van Weert
1997 – L.M. Amaratunga, D. Poggi, G. Ruddle, N. Ryan, W.T. Thompson
1998 – F. Habashi, D.W. MacMillan, W.J. Thoburn, R.C. Urquhart
1999 – C.M. Bickert, T.T. Chen, L.E. Collins, G.H. Kaiura, V.I. Lakshmanan, D.J. Lloyd, R.W. Revie, I.V. Samarasekera, A. Vahed, D.S. Wilkinson

2000 – C.Bazin, W.K. Lu, A.D. Pelton, D.L. Piron, G.R. Purdy, W.T. Yen
2001 – A. Galibois, C. Twigge-Molecey, S.R. Rao
2002 – M.E. Chalkley, C.A. Pickles, G.M. Ritcey, G.W. Smith
2003 – A. Bustos, R. del Villar, T. Lehner, L. Surges, K. Thomas
2004 – C.A. Fleming and S. Yue
2005 – J. Laskowski
2006 – R. Drew, H. Henein, V.S. Sastri and M. Xu
2007 – G. P. Demopoulos, B. Harris, R. Lee, N. L. Piret
2008 – A. Allaire, D.L. Jones, E. Krause, and R. Sridhar
2009 – M. Agnew, M. Chaturvedi, D. Dreisinger, I. Masters, M. Sahoo, M. Sudbury

2010 – Daniel Ashman, Hubert King, Ronald Molnar, Bert Wasmund, Zhenghe Xu
2011 – Janice Zinck, T. Utigard
2012 – Akram Alfantazi, Georges Houlachi, Edmond K. Lam, Jean-Pierre Martin, Nathan Stubina
2013 – Vladimiros Papangelakis, Ravi Ravindran, Priti Wanjara
2014 – K.Coley, M.Collins, J.Goode, D.Gallienne
2015 – R.M.Berezowsky, J.J. Budac, X.Cao, N.Voermann
2016 – G.Kipouros, M.Militzer, S.Shipilov
2017 – none
2018 – Daolun Chen, Greg Richards
2019 – none

2020 – Joël Kapusta, Qingxia Liu

CIM Distinguished Lecturer

To see the latest recipients please refer to the CIM Website for complete details.

MetSoc has chosen to allow each section in rotation to nominate the CIM Distinguished Lecturer.

2018 Minerals Science and Engineering
2019 Pyrometallurgy
2020 Hydrometallurgy
2021 Environment
2022 Materials
2023 Light Metals
2024 Management in Metallurgy

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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