Competitions and Scholarships

Jihane Ajaja- PhD Student 2016 MetSoc Doctoral Scholarship recipient


“MetSoc’s doctoral scholarship is a demonstration of its will to support the next generation of Canadian researchers in the field of materials. Having been chosen to receive the award was simply incredible! It will definitely encourage me to reach my research goals while continuing to serve the community through my involvement in professional and volunteer activities.” 


 1. MetSoc Competitions & Awards

1.1 Student Awards

Best Poster Award

Every year, the Conference of Metallurgists and other events like the CMSC or CIM conference hosts a poster session.  This provides students and delegates with the opportunity to display their work and make new contacts within their field. Student participants compete for cash prizes. Consult this year’s list of events to see which conference offers a poster competition.

1.2 Student Chapter of the Year Competition

The Student Chapters of the Year contest recognizes Student Chapters for their programming efforts and level of member participation. The Chapter’s Report is used as the submission for the competition. Each Chapter must submit by June 1 of the year. Winning Chapters receive a cash award of $500.

To review report content: Chapter reports

1.3 Student Chapter Video Challenge Competition

no competition scheduled for 2020

1.4 Student Hydrometallurgy Section awards

(see link for deadlines)

To encourage graduate studies in the field of hydrometallurgy, the Hydrometallurgy Section offers one many awards to honour the accomplishments of a student in the field of hydrometallurgy in a Canadian university.

For details and application: visit Hydrometallurgy Section website


2. MetSoc and CIM Scholarships

MetSoc and CIM offer a number of scholarships for students. MetSoc in particular has two scholarships : Doctoral and Masters Scholarship.  Click here for criteria and description:

MetSoc Undergraduate Scholarship $2000 Click here for your department to submit application
MetSoc Masters Scholarship $3000   Click here for your department to submit application
MetSoc Doctoral Scholarship $4000  Click here for your department to submit application
Hydrometallurgy section Scholarships $varied

CIM & MetSoc also have many different scholarships which are offered through the different branches and the Canadian Mining and Metallurgy Foundation. For information concerning these others scholarships you can view the following pages:

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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