Emerging Professionals Development Program – Application

The Emerging Professionals (EP) Development Program has been created by the Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc) of CIM to enhance the opportunities for “Emerging Professionals” who have recently entered or re-entered their careers in the Canadian metallurgy or materials sector.

This program helps emerging professionals to engage with our Society, participate in Society activities, become better acquainted with each other and make important contacts with CIM and MetSoc leaders over two years. The EP Program inspires new and returning graduates to envision themselves as future leaders in their fields.

Over two years, EPs and MetSoc members will embark on an exciting journey of partnership, reflection, coaching, and inspiration.



Details of the application process are found at the bottom of the page.

Criteria- What it takes to be the next Emerging Professional!

MetSoc EPs are people who:Emerging Professionals

  • Want to make things happen in their society
  • Value community and professional involvement
  • Work in collaboration with others to accomplish goals
  • Commit to personal growth and developing leadership qualities
  • Our Professionals in the first five years of their career or
  • Are Professional in the first five years of returning from a career absence
  • Are Professionals located in Canada

Annual Benefits to the EP recipient (for two years)

  • Free registration to attend the Conference of Metallurgists (COM)
  • Complimentary gala ticket at COM and a seat at the VIP table
  • Travel subsidy to attend COM
  • Subsidy to attend one short course per year given at COM.

Evaluation Process

The EPs will be selected yearly by the Metallurgy & Materials Society. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the application and the reference letters. Factors that will be considered:

  • Do you demonstrate initiative and leadership? (at school, in the community or civic organizations, in internships or work experiences)
  • Do you demonstrate collaboration with others to accomplish goals?
  • Have you demonstrated that you value community and professional involvement?

Responsibilities of the recipient

Those selected to join the Emerging Professional (EP) program will be responsible for:

  • The approval of their supervisor/superior to participate
  • Attending two COMs as an EP in the time they are in the program
  • Providing feedback and testimonials for MetSoc and to others as requested by MetSoc
  • Purchasing their CIM membership (discounted) for the two years

The EP may be called upon to mentor someone in the future.

Application Process:

Please submit your package via our online nomination process by the deadline.

  1. Resume: Please attach a professional resume including education, work experience, and community involvement.
  2. Two letters of reference: Please provide a copy of this to your referees. At least one letter must be from your current employer and the other can be from an academic or professional colleague. Attach his/her letter to your application.
  3. A short response to the following questions (no more than ~300 words in total):
    • Why are you interested in being a MetSoc EP?
    • What are your expectations of the program and what do you hope to gain from your participation?
  4. A cover letter with two areas of interest from this list (by order of preference):
    1. Hydrometallurgy
    2. Light Metals
    3. Materials
    4. Mineral Processing
    5. Pyrometallurgy
    6. Sustainability

For questions and comments please contact Victoria Di Woo, Digital Design Specialist & Administration at vwoo@cim.org.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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