Emerging Professionals Development Program


The Emerging Professionals (EP) Development Program helps emerging professionals to engage with our Society, participate in Society activities, become better acquainted with each other and make important contacts with CIM and MetSoc leaders over a period of two years.

The EP Program inspires graduates to envision themselves as future leaders in their field.

Emerging Professionals

Call for applications is closed for 2022

If you know someone in your company that should be in this program,  don’t hesitate to nominate them and work with them to submit an application.

A Day in the Life of an EP

Over the course of two years, EPs and MetSoc members will embark on an exciting journey of partnership, reflection, coaching, and inspiration.

  • Treasurer/secretary/section chair
  • Presents a paper for COM and other conferences
  • Reviewer of papers
  • Presents a poster/assist in the organization of poster sessions
  • Assists in organizing short courses
  • Participates in organizing Webinars
  • Contributes to interviews with professionals in technical fields
  • Participates in technical Bulletins
  • Assists in the curation of MetSoc Publications-upcoming project

Current Emerging Professionals

2022-2023 EPs

May Wee Ang

Sphera Solutions – Sustainability
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

May is a Life Cycle Data Analyst at Sphera Solutions where her focus is to develop reliable and accurate models for environmental impact analyses. Prior to her role, May graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from Queen’s University where she also obtained a Certificate in Business and later, a Certificate of Data Analytics at the University of Toronto.

At the start of her career, May supported Geometallurgical projects in model development of metal beneficiation processes (flotation) as well as flowsheet design for metal extraction (hydrometallurgy). She also has technical experience in laboratory testwork and operating pilot plants.

Her career objective is to use sustainability as a compass toward a circular economy and is enthusiastic to be a part of the movement!

Thierno Saidou Barry

Groupe AEM Canada Inc. – Hydrometallurgy
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Thierno holds a master’s degree in materials engineering obtained in 2020 at Laval University, Canada and a bachelor’s degree in mining/minerals engineering obtained in 2017 at Inönü University, Turkey. During his studies, Thierno acquired relevant knowledge in minerals processing, hydrometallurgy, mechanochemistry and materials characterization areas as a researcher. He is a co-author of many papers published in these areas with an h-index of 5 and cited 65 times. After his master’s degree, Thierno worked as a CEP in process engineering at Groupe AEM Canada Inc. a chemical company specializing in the production of high purity alumina from December 2020 to March 2022. Presently, Thierno works as a production engineering technician at Gentec Inc.

Matt Boulby

The Metals Company – Pyrometallurgy
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Matt Boulby received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University in 2019 and has over two years of experience in the mining and mineral processing industry.

Matt began his career in consulting, helping to design process plants for gold projects in Northern Canada, Guatemala and Vietnam. He quickly found that while he recognized the world’s requirement for metals, he had concerns about the industry’s negative impact on the environment. In July of 2020, he began working with The Metals Company (TMC), supporting their efforts to commercialize a project using polymetallic sea nodules to supply critical minerals for electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries. In this role, he was introduced to metallurgy for the first time and has since helped contribute to the development of TMC’s zero solid waste, low emission flowsheet and the subsequent completion of two pyrometallurgical pilot-scale test work campaigns. He enjoys working with the team at TMC as they attempt to provide a more sustainable supply of nickel, copper, cobalt and manganese to the world.

Outside of his professional interests, he is an avid traveler (having visited over 30 countries), a sports fan and an ice hockey referee. He is thankful to have been named by MetSoc as an Emerging Professional in Pyrometallurgy and is looking forward to participating in the program, learning from and collaborating with his section members.

Paulo Gamez Campos


New Gold Inc. – Mineral processing
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Paulo Gamez Campos completed his B.A. in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in 2021. With a strong focus on mineral processing and sustainable mining, Paulo was involved in several precious metal extraction projects throughout his studies.

He is currently employed by New Gold Inc working on the Rainy River Project in the area of capital projects and waste management. At his workplace, Paulo had the opportunity to see the operations of a gold-silver mine and the current technology used to process precious ore on an industrial scale allowing him to better understand how sulphide ore is currently processed.

As a young professional, Paulo is eager to expand his knowledge in the field of mineral processing and to assist the industry in finding new ways to sustainably process ore using emerging technologies while maximizing ore recovery.

Renaud Daenzer

Aurel Systems Inc., Burnaby, BC – Hydrometallurgy
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Renaud Daenzer attended McGill University as a co-op student in Materials Engineering before completing a master’s within the Aqueous Processing Group. His interest in hydrometallurgy led to a move across the country to complete a Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia with a focus on the leaching of refractory gold ores using calcium thiosulfate. After graduating, Renaud worked briefly in the water treatment sector prior to joining Aurel Systems Inc. as a process simulation applications engineer using CADSIM Plus. Within Aurel, Renaud works on product and business development, marketing, and sales and drives partnerships with the aim to contribute to new innovations in the field of mineral processing.

Sunny Deng

SNC lavalin – Pyrometallurgy
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Sunny Deng is a Junior Process Engineer working in the Pyrometallurgy group at SNC-Lavalin. She is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering, with her studies focused on pyrometallurgy and plant design. Prior to joining SNC-Lavalin, she has completed internships working in the Oil & Gas and Consumer Product Manufacturing industries where she gained experience in metallurgical failure analysis and product and process design. In her current role, she has worked on a decarbonization white paper internally for SNC-Lavalin and has co-authored a paper for publication on Copper e-waste smelting for Copper 2022. She is looking forward to developing her network, skills and interests in extractive metallurgy and sustainability as a professional engineer. Sunny is excited to begin her role as an Emerging Professional in the Pyrometallurgy section.

Rachel Ko

HATCH LTD. – Sustainability
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Rachel is currently a process engineer at Hatch Ltd. with 4 years of experience primarily in non-ferrous pyrometallurgical processes. She graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from Queen’s University and is currently pursuing a part-time Master of Engineering at the University of Toronto with an emphasis in sustainability.

Before joining the world of pyrometallurgy, Rachel worked primarily in energy management and energy efficiency improvement. It was this work that motivated her desire to become part of the equation in solving one of today’s greatest challenges. The growing importance of sustainability in pyrometallurgical processes is evident. With the mining & metals sector undergoing a very unique transformation today, it is an exciting time to be part of the movement!

Mohsen Mohammadijoo


NOVA Chemicals Corporation – Light Metals
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Mohsen Mohammadijoo is a Materials Integrity and Metallurgy Research Engineer at NOVA Chemicals. Prior to joining NOVA, he led the Welding and Materials Engineering team at EVRAZ NA R&D where he contributed mainly to the oil and gas pipeline materials integrity. Among his responsibilities and interests is the assessment of materials integrity and process reliability for a diverse range of energy applications for hydrogen fuel, oil and gas, as well as the automotive industry. Prior to his professional career, he completed his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Prof. Hani Henein. Mohsen enjoys spending time hiking with his family and playing soccer and basketball with his little son.

Ibrahim Ogunsanya

University of Toronto – Materials
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Ibrahim Ogunsanya is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Dr. Ogunsanya possesses degrees in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (BSc, University of Lagos) and Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MASc and Ph.D., University of Waterloo). He has a multifaceted technical career across the fields of materials science, metallurgy, mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering. He employs a metallurgical and material science approach to proffer solutions to material durability and sustainability challenges in structural (on cement, concrete, and steel reinforcing alloys), nuclear (on concrete and metal alloys), and automotive (on lightweight alloys) engineering sectors. He is also a professional engineer in Ontario, and a member of professional societies such as NACE, TMS, IoM3, and CIM.

Daniela Rossetto

Eddyfi Technologies, Quebec – Sustainability
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Daniela Rossetto is an Applications Expert at Eddyfi Technologies and has a multidisciplinary background dedicated to research projects with industrial applications.

In 2021, Daniela completed a master’s program at Laval University (with honors), evaluating new anode technologies to achieve a more sustainable zinc electrowinning process. Prior to that, she accumulated three years of experience in R&D projects for bauxite and alumina production, as well as three undergraduate scholarships in topics including mineral characterization and recovery of rare earths from electronic waste. In her current role, she supports the development of customized Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions based on Eddy Current Arrays (ECA).

Her research interests include urban mining, industrial waste minimization, circular economy, and green process technologies.

Joshua Stroh

School of Engineering, UBC-Okanagan – Light Metals
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Dr. Joshua Stroh completed his Ph.D. in 2021 at the University of British Columbia, where he is now working as a Manager and Engineering Specialist for the High-Performance Powertrain Materials Laboratory. His research has been focused on minimizing the carbon footprint of the transportation industry through the development of lightweight powertrain alloys with improved strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. Dr. Stroh has worked closely with the industry on optimizing manufacturing processes to minimize the evolution of residual stress in complex castings of engine components. The results of this collaborative research enable the manufacturing of the next generation powertrains with substantially reduced environmental impact. Dr. Stroh has over 20 publications and has presented his research at several international conferences.

Hakan M. Tunc

BBA – Mineral processing
(2022-2023 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Hakan Tunc was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and moved to Montreal, Quebec, to obtain his B.Eng. degree in Materials Engineering at McGill University. Since 2018, Hakan has been working at BBA Inc., starting his career in Montreal and currently living in Vancouver, BC. Hakan has been involved with precious metals, base metals, iron ore, and battery metals projects at the study and engineering levels. He designed mineral processing plants under the guidance of industry experts for many Canadian clients.

Hakan’s ultimate goal is to dissolve the silos in the mining industry by promoting clear communication, continuing education, diversity, and inclusion. He is working towards understanding the main pillars of the mining industry through technical, business, and sustainability perspectives.

2021-2022 EPs

Michael Benoit

The University of British Columbia – Light Metals
(2021-2022 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Co-Organizer of CrossTalk: Heavy Conversations About Light Metals

Michael Benoit is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus. Dr. Benoit’s research is mainly concerned with welding & joining and additive manufacturing of Al alloys. He is particularly interested in developing high strength and crack-resistant Al alloys for additive manufacturing. Prior to joining the University of British Columbia, Dr. Benoit received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo for his research on brazing of Al alloys for automotive applications.  He was awarded a Banting postdoctoral research fellowship to study additive manufacturing of Al alloys at the RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing in Melbourne, Australia.

Shuhong (Max) Shen

Hatch – Materials
(2021-2022 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Shuhong(Max) is a Process EIT in the Downstream group at Hatch Ltd. Since joining Hatch, Max has worked on projects in several groups with a main focus of steelmaking, including dynamic simulation of steelmaking plant logistics, process modeling of EAF, AOD and hot strip mill, cold rolling mill motor upgrades, downstream steelmaking techno-economic review and risk assessment, as well as development of coating mass control software for galvanizing lines. Max has a strong passion in novel steelmaking and treatment technologies, and applying data-driven digital solutions to improve client operations.

Prior to joining Hatch, Max has obtained M.Eng. and B.Eng. degree in Materials Engineering at McGill University, with a research focus on utilizing machine learning techniques on hot rolling mill process modeling.


2020-2021 EPs

Alex Cao
Alex Cao

Vale Canada Limited – Hydrometallurgy
(2020-2021 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Alex received his Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Central South University in China. His interest in hydrometallurgy led him to obtain a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering from the University of British Columbia, where his focus was on the electrorefining of high purity manganese. Prior to joining Vale, he spent three years working in metallurgical testing and project-development of spent lithium-ion battery recycling and manganese ores processing. He is currently working as a Senior Metallurgist in the Hydrometallurgy team helping with the process metallurgy challenges in Vale Base Metals operations.

Abdallah Elsayed
Abdallah Elsayed

Assistant Professor, University of Guelph – Light Metals
(2020-2021 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Co-Organizer of CrossTalk: Heavy Conversations About Light Metals

Read the Interview with Abdallah Elsayed and Jessica Hiscocks about CrossTalk Series

Dr. Abdallah Elsayed completed his undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering at Ryerson University with a research focus on light metal solidification and characterization. After completing his Ph.D., Abdallah was employed at Nemak Canada Corporation located in Windsor, Ontario as a research engineer. Abdallah joined the school of engineering at the University of Guelph in July 2017 with a research focus on advanced manufacturing and characterization of automotive and aerospace materials. Abdallah has more than 30 journal publications with numerous conference proceedings and presentations.

Abdallah is a professional engineer and member of ASM International, TMS and CIM. Abdallah was the 2020 recipient of the ASM International Bradley Stoughton Award for Young Teachers and 2020 TMS Light Metals Division Young Leaders Professional Development Award.

Jessica Hiscocks
Jessica Hiscocks

Kingston Process Metallurgy – Light Metals
(2020-2021 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Co-Organizer of CrossTalk: Heavy Conversations About Light Metals

Read the Interview with Jessica Hiscocks and Abdallah Elsayed about CrossTalk Series

Jessica Hiscocks is a physical metallurgist who has done metallography and research on materials from Aluminum to Zirconium. Her early work was in solid state forming, including extrusion and friction stir welding, and her recent Post-Doc used computer simulation to optimize aluminum flow during sand casting.

Her current work involves the development of physical metallurgy services, research, and training at Kingston Process Metallurgy. She aims to help create a hub of academic and manufacturers relationships in Kingston, promoting light metals and sustainability.

Other fields of interest include the development and promotion of open-source software for metallographic analysis purposes, and studying Japanese.

Jessica is pleased to join the Light Metals section of MetSoc as an Emerging Professional.

Fangyu Liu
Fangyu Liu 

Hatch – Hydrometallurgy
(2020-2021 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Fangyu Liu is a graduate process metallurgist at Hatch Ltd. He has gained process experience for the development of process design basis, process design criteria, process flow diagrams, process control diagrams, functional description, equipment sizing, mechanical equipment list, HAZOP study, mass balance, and steady-state process simulation. He has also developed a dynamic thickener model to simulate the tailing treatment process with extended experience on dynamic process simulation.

Dr. Liu completed his Ph.D. in metallurgical and materials engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, USA with a research focus on the electro-reduction of rare earth elements in the molten salt system.

In 2019, Fangyu was selected as a member of the Young Leaders Committee in the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME). In 2020, he received the Emerging Professional Award from the Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc) of Canada.

Arthur Stokreef

Glencore – Pyrometallurgy
(2020-2021 Emerging Professionals recipient)

Arthur attended Queen’s University and studied mining engineering. In his master’s degree, he supported a research contract between Kingston Process Metallurgy and a custom copper smelter. The scope of this work was to study the client’s flash smelting process and complete proof of concept testing of a sensor. The project concluded with a plant trial of the sensor at the client site.

After graduating from school, Arthur started work at Glencore Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations as a project metallurgist at their nickel smelter. In this role, he has become very interested in data analytics, which he uses in tandem with his process knowledge to support the operation. He has used this new passion to co-develop a training program to teach other engineers at Glencore how to analyze data with python.


Past Emerging Professionals Recipients:

Douglas Kao
Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) – Sustainability

François Cardin
Zinc électrolytique du Canada limitée – Sustainability

Peng Chang
Teck – Sustainability

Brittany MacKinnon
Hatch – Sustainability

Sable Reid
Rio Tinto – Sustainability

Roberta Neumann
Teck – Sustainability

Lorena Tere
Hatch – Pyrometallurgy
2017, 2020

Raphael Soldi
Sherrit International – Management

Jasmina Omri
Goldcorp Porcupine Gold mines – Mineral Science

Fariba Safizadeh
University Laval – Hydrometallurgy

Yao Yao Ding
Heroux Devtek – Materials

Shannon Hoekstra
SRK Consulting – Hydrometallurgy

François Audet
Foundry Solutions Metallurgical Solutions – Management

Alexander Burns
NORAM Engineering & Constructors, Ltd – Hydrometallurgy

Alison Cummings
Glencore-Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations – Pyrometallurgy

Patrick Gagnon
Tema Isenmann Inc – Mineral Science

Michael Molinski
Vale – Pyrometallurgy

Nishit Patel
Hatch – Pyrometallurgy

Ge Sa
Hatch – Light Metals

Mashael Alomair
Hatch – Materials

Ahmet Deniz Bas
University Laval – Hydrometallurgy

Stewart Cook
Fenix Advanced Materials – Management

Thomas Feldmann
5N Plus Inc – Hydrometallurgy

Sara Fitzel
Teck – Environment

David Levasseur
Centre de metallurgies du Québec – Light Metals

David Tomlinson
Teck – Management

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