Conference & Field Trip Funding

For the continued safety and well-being of our members, events may shift to a virtual format. The following is based on in-person events. 

1. Conference Travel Funding

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1.1 The Conference of Metallurgists

The Conference of Metallurgists (COM) is held each year in August. It is an established international conference consisting of symposia that attract experts from all over the world. It also includes scientific and technical workshops of extremely high caliber, a trade show and industrial visits. Students are encouraged to participate through technical presentations, attendance of section meetings and special events, such as the student-industry mixer.
For more information on the conference please go to

Student Travel Policy and Application Form (opens January 1)
Any request by a student for travel funding for COM will include a letter of support from their current supervisor.  Student members of CIM enrolled in a Canadian University traveling more than 500 km are eligible for student travel funding. Priority is given to undergrads. Requests are pooled and a limited number of students are selected. The maximum funding is $500 depending on travel requirements. Students are advised of the final decision about one month prior to the conference. To apply, please forward the completed application form to the MetSoc office.

View the application form here.


1.2 Annual CIM Hydrometallurgy Meeting

The Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting has always been regarded as the broadest forum for the exchange of new ideas and is an excellent occasion to meet old friends and colleagues.

Travel funding for students


1.3 The Canadian Materials Science Conference

The Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC) is usually held in June at a Canadian university. The conference provides an informal atmosphere for 150 delegates and encourages wide-ranging participation from graduate students while bringing to the conference distinguished researchers for the more sharply focused workshops and symposia.


For students traveling more than 500 km to the conference, funding is available on a first-come-first-serve basis from the MetSoc of CIM. Students must present a request for funding to MetSoc’s administrator using the form below. Any request by a student for travel funding for COM will include a letter of support from their current supervisor. Early applications must be made by the 1st of May. There is a ceiling budget of $4500 therefore maximum funding is $500 and is depending on distance, participation.
For students traveling more than 1000 km to the Conference, additional funding can be arranged through some Technical Sections of MetSoc of CIM such as the Materials Section.

Materials Section: 
Send a request for funding to MetSoc’s administrator.
The Technical Section contact: Jun Song

Application form CMSC (opens January 1):
Application form


2. Field Trips

2.1 MetSoc Field Trip Funding (Only for schools with a Chapter)

Field Trip Funding

MetSoc will provide funding to every school for one field trip per year. MetSoc will allocate $25.00 Cdn per student member participating in the field trip. An official record of attendance must be presented to MetSoc’s membership coordinator once the field trip is completed. Payment will be made at that time. There is a limit of $800 per school and a maximum budget for the program. First-come-first-served. Only one cheque is issued per school, per year. Applications form here: Download Field Trip funding form.

2.2 Mineral Sciences and Engineering Section Funding

The mineral sciences and engineering technical section will contribute $1000.00 Cdn towards one class field trip per year. Only one university per year is selected for funding. Requests for funding should be made by a professor to the section chairman or to the education committee.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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