MetSoc Distinguished Materials Scientist Award

The award recognizes highly significant contributions in the field of materials engineering. The Materials Science and Engineering Section of The Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM administers the award.

2020 Recipient

Dongyang Li,

University of Alberta

Citation: In recognition as a renowned scientist and innovative researcher in tribo-materials. 

Dongyang Li (D.Y. Li), Professor at the University of Alberta, is a world-leading expert in tribo-materials. He has established one of the top tribo-material groups with particular strength in utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to develop high-performance wear-resistant materials and relevant theories. His unique electron work function-based methodologies for material design and surface analysis have opened new research areas in structural and tribo-material design and surface technologies on a feasible electronic base. His pioneering studies on pseudoelastic wear-resistant materials, surface nanocrystallization, and computational materials science have significant impacts on the advance of material technology for new generations of harder and tougher materials. Dr. Li is a contributor to authoritative handbooks, e.g., Smithells Metals Reference Book (Elsevier), Encyclopedia of Tribology (Springer), and ASM handbooks (ASM International). Prof. Li has over 360 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including 320 refereed journal publications. He serves the editorial board for seventeen international journals. His innovative research and professional contributions have been highly recognized internationally. Dr. Li is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (FMMM) and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP).


1979 – J.D. Embury

1980 – E.C.W. Perryman
1981 – E.G. Behal
1982 – J.J. Jonas
1983 – D.B. McCutcheon
1984 – J.A. Schey
1985 – A. Mitchell
1986 – J.D. Boyd
1987 – L.R. Morris
1988 – G.C. Weatherly
1989 – W. Wallace

1990 – D.J. Lloyd
1991 – W.R. Tyson
1992 – I. Ritchie
1993 – J.E. Gruzleski
1994 – J.I. Dickson
1995 – B. Hawbolt
1996 – S.R. MacEwen
1997 – M. Sahoo
1998 – R.A.L. Drew
1999 – I.V. Samarasekera

2000 – U. Erb
2001 – G. Palumbo
2002 – M. Chaturvedi
2003 – S. Yue
2004 – D. Wilkinson
2005 – H. King
2006 – H. Mostaghaci
2007 – M. Militzer
2008 – F. Ajersch
2009 – Gary R. Purdy

2010 – No Award
2011 – Arthur Pelton
2012 – Michel Rigaud
2013 – A. McLean
2014 – R. Ravindran
2015 – A. Alfantazi
2016 – D. Chen
2017 – P. Wanjara
2018 – Xinjin Cao
2019 – Frank Cheng

Start Nomination

Please refer to the METSOC AWARDS page for details on nomination dates and deadlines.



Nominator uploads either a concise CV of nominee or in the case of a process, a recent paper, relevant to the process being nominated, to the web site. Nominator/co-nominators should consider approaching nominees themselves to request the CV. In the case of a process, the recent paper is likely already available. The CV should contain the following information:

  • Major contributions relevant to the award
  • A record of at least five relevant patents and papers authored by the nominee plus a count of other patents and papers.
  • A service history related to CIM/MetSoc if applicable
  • A record of the years of membership in CIM.
  • A listing of volunteer activities if applicable
  • A listing of awards previously received
  • A listing of academic achievements

If the CV does not contain all items, the nominator should fill in the information in the Contributions text box in the online form (this will be available in the software system when the Call opens).


  • A nominator can put forward only one candidate up for nomination in each award category. NEW AS OF the year 2020
  • No Member of the Executive Board shall be nominated while in office. The nomination will be held until the term on the executive board is expired.
  • Each award shall be made from time to time as circumstances warrant with no more than one award recipient per year.
  • The nominators are responsible for verifying that all conditions of the award have been satisfied and all procedures were properly followed in making the nomination.
  • All nominations will stand for three years.
  • The adjudication of the award shall be made by the MetSoc Awards Committee of The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM.
  • The award shall be presented at the Awards Banquet of the Conference of Metallurgists.
  • Posthumous awards will be allowed only if the candidate has already been shortlisted.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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