MetSoc Scholarship Awards

MetSoc of CIM and its sections offer students scholarship awards.

These student scholarships can be submitted online by the student but require the documentation of the Faculty as requested (see descriptions).

For students studying in the field of hydrometallurgy,  there are additional scholarships just for you available.  Visit the hydrometallurgy section website for more information and to submit your nomination at Hydrometallurgy student awards

Please visit the Student Scholarships description page:

2020 Recipients


Doctoral Scholarship

Aleksandra Nastic, University of Ottawa

Aleksandra Nastic is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa in Mechanical Engineering. During her studies, she has worked on numerous projects; from the investigation of material properties, including advanced ceramics, 3D printed titanium spinal rods and micron-size particles under high strain rate impact to numerical studies of supersonic cold gas dynamic spray flows and pulsed waterjet cavitation. She has been awarded the American Society of Materials student award for her performance in the Materials fields of study.

Aleksandra has won the Journal of Thermal Spray Volume 27 Best Paper Award in 2019 and has been awarded the Excellent Article Award by the Journal of Material Science and Technology for her first published peer-reviewed paper. Aleksandra has been awarded numerous prestigious scholarships from the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Nature et Technologies (FRQNT), Ontario Graduate Scholarship and Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST) throughout her graduate studies.

Aleksandra is also teaching Mechanical Engineering courses in both French and English at the University of Ottawa. Her high teaching quality and resulting course evaluations have been highlighted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Masters Scholarship

Margaret Wilson, Dalhousie University

Margaret Wilson is an award-winning graduate student at Dalhousie University. A Canadian, she grew up in New Zealand. She first became interested in engineering after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. The disaster rendered much of that city uninhabitable and she wanted to understand how to make buildings ‘earthquake-proof’.

Ms. Wilson returned to Canada in 2015 and began her studies at Dalhousie University. She wanted to specialize in materials engineering after her first lecture in the field, inspired by the breadth of potential and applicability of materials engineering to other disciplines.

Ms. Wilson completed her undergraduate degree in materials engineering at Dalhousie in May 2019. She was awarded all the materials engineering undergraduate awards (University Medal in Materials Engineering, William Stairs Memorial Prize, Mining Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Medal), as well as recognition as the student with the highest GPA in the discipline.

She is continuing her studies in materials engineering, commencing a graduate program in September 2019, under the supervision of Dr. D.P. Bishop. The focus of her research is the hot extrudability of a 6xxx series aluminum powder metallurgy alloy, with emphasis on automotive applications. She was the 2019 recipient of the Dr. Stirling Whiteway memorial graduate scholarship from Dalhousie University and the Mary R. Norton memorial scholarship from ASTM International in March 2020.


Undergraduate Scholarship

William Dixon, McGill University

William Dixon is currently completing his final year of the materials engineering program at McGill University. At McGill, he has been an involved member of the materials engineering community while competing as a varsity athlete on the men’s swimming team.

Over the course of his co-op work terms, he gained exposure to many major industries in Canada including the iron and steel industry, the hydrometallurgical sector, the nuclear industry, and most recently, the oil and gas industry.

Upon graduation, William Dixon will be returning to Hatch Ltd. in Mississauga, ON as a hydrometallurgical process EIT to continue building on what he has learned and be part of the positive solutions that the future of our industry demands.

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