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MetSoc of CIM and its sections offer students scholarship awards.

These student scholarships can be submitted online by the student but require the documentation of the Faculty as requested (see descriptions).

The Student Scholarships description page:

Hydrometallurgy Scholarships:

For students studying in the field of hydrometallurgy,  there are additional scholarships just for you available.  Visit the hydrometallurgy section website for more information and to submit your application at The hydrometallurgy scholarship application deadline is March 01, 2022

2021 Recipients


Doctoral Scholarship

Fariborz Faraji, Queen’s University

Fariborz is a PhD candidate at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University, Canada and working as a guest editor in the journal of MDPI Sustainability. Fariborz has a multidisciplinary background in the fields of materials and metallurgy, mining and resource management, chemistry, and biology. At Queen’s in the Environmental and Hydrometallurgy group, his research focus is on the development of environmentally friendlier and economic approaches for metals production. Application of bacteria for gold recovery from low-grade resources, recycling of metals from electronic waste and spent lithium-ion batteries, valorisation of mineralogical waste, such as zinc production residue and low-grade manganese deposits, kinetics and reactor design for (bio)leaching, copper recovery from refractory resources by using ozonation and ultrasound, application of ionic liquids as safe and highly efficient reagents for metal purification, and synthesize and utilization of deep eutectic solvents for metals recovery are some examples of Fariborz diverse research activities. All the activities are reflected in Fariborz board list of publications and presentations (Google scholar). In addition to MetSoc 2021 Student Doctoral Scholarship Award, Fariborz has won other prestigious awards as well; Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) and Gordon Bell Fellowship in Transformative Mining are examples of the top aspired awards offered in Ontario and the department of mining. In his words “all the achievements are guiding lights and encourage to go forward and create an impact”.


Master’s Scholarship

Bailee Johnson, McGill University

Bailee Johnson grew up near Hamilton, Ontario where she worked on her family’s tilapia farm at age 15. She moved to Montreal, Quebec to complete her B. Eng in Materials Engineering at McGill University. Throughout her Bachelor’s degree, she worked in Prof. Kristian Waters mineral processing laboratory as an undergraduate research assistant; as a result of her work, she has contributed authorship on two published academic papers as well as a first-place-winning technical report presented at CMP 2018. She served as President of Engineers Without Borders McGill Chapter and as VP Internal Affairs for her undergraduate student society.

Upon graduation, Bailee moved to Hartford, Connecticut to work for CIDRA Minerals Processing. She supported the development and scale-up of a novel mineral processing technique. Her work took her to concentration plants across North and South America; she served as onsite project lead for two of these projects.

Bailee is pursuing her M. Sc. in Materials Engineering at McGill, where she will be applying the principles of flotation to selectively treat municipal wastewater to create an organic phosphate fertilizer product. She is a CMP 2021 Scholarship recipient and McGill Graduate Excellence Fellow for 2021.


Undergraduate Scholarship

Lic Jie Fong, McGill University

Lic Jie Fong is completing his final year of the materials engineering co-op program at McGill University. During his undergraduate years, he has maintained stellar academic performance while committed actively to leadership positions such as the president of MetSoc McGill student chapter and the co-chair of goLEAD organization.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in academics and leadership, he was awarded two undergraduate awards from the faculty of engineering at McGill University. He also received a summer undergraduate research award for the opportunity to research the new-generation lithium-ion batteries.

As part of his undergraduate program, he has completed a one-year internship at Bombardier Aviation where he worked as a laboratory and engineering intern. He gained tremendous experience in the aerospace industry, especially in the microstructural evaluation and failure analysis of metal alloys.

As the recipient of the McGill Engineering Doctoral Award, he will be continuing his studies in materials engineering as a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Dr. Jinhyuk Lee. His research will be focusing on the discovery of novel battery materials which can deliver high energy density and long-term reliability.


Pyrometallurgy Scholarship

Sahand Sarbishei, University of British Columbia

Sahand Sarbishei is a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering at UBC. He obtained his B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. in the same field from the University of Tehran and Sharif University of Technology, respectively. During his studies, he has worked on several projects in various areas such as pyrometallurgy, ceramics, corrosion, and energy storage materials. He has published 8 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers as a first author. He is the recipient of various awards such as the CIM Vancouver branch’s graduate student award, UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship, and John S Nadeau Memorial Scholarship at UBC.

Sahand’s PhD project is focused on sulfur deportment in ferronickel production via Rotary Kiln-Electric Furnace process. His findings will help the nickel industry to minimize the sulfur impurity in ferronickel and reduce the load of the refinery.

Regarding his volunteer activities, Sahand was the president of MetSoc Student Chapter at UBC, executive member of NACE BC, and Co-Chair of The 1st International Student Symposium on Extraction Technology at UBC. Sahand has also been playing 4 Persian musical instruments and has performed in more than 50 concerts, festivals, and fundraising events. He was selected as the best musician at UBC Music Talent Night in 2019.

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