MetSoc Pyrometallurgy Student Award – in honor of Professor Toguri

Purpose of the Scholarship

The purpose of the MetSoc Pyrometallurgy Student award, in honor of Professor Toguri, is to encourage and support the attainment of educational goals by students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement at a Canadian university.



Golam Ismot Ara TaposheGolam Ismot Ara Taposhe, University of British Columbia

Golam Ismot Ara Taposhe is a Ph.D. candidate in the Materials Engineering department at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is the recipient of the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative Ph.D. Award, Faculty of Applied Science, and International Tuition Award. She received a Master of Science in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

She is working under the supervision of Dr. Leili Tafaghodikhajavi. Her research is focused on silicon refining by the metallurgical method. Her research interests also include thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of high-temperature refining processes. The findings of her research will lead to the development of a less energy-intensive process for producing solar grade silicon. This research will contribute to the scientific and technical aspects of the field and significantly advance the knowledge of the interactions in multi-phase systems involved in Si-producing solar grade silicon.

She attended COM 2019 (Topic- Silicon Refining via Simultaneous Solvent and Slag Refining) and COM 2020 (Silicon Refining by Simultaneous Slag Refining with CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-Na2O and Solvent Refining with Si-Fe Alloy). Her research findings were published in an invited paper in a special issue in the Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (JOM, Topic- Removal of Phosphorus from Si-Fe Alloy by CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-Na2O Slag Refining). Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking. Her long-term goal is to conduct pyrometallurgy research to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Prize Terms

The value of the award is a single payment of $3,000 CAD. The amount of the award is reviewed annually by the Pyrometallurgy Section of MetSoc. No single individual should hold more than one student award within MetSoc including its Technical sections in a given year. One award shall be made each year. However, the Award Committee may decide not to make an award if a suitable recipient is not identified.


The candidate should be registered in a Master’s or Ph.D. program in the field of pyrometallurgy during the 2021/2022 academic year in a Canadian university.

Nomination Procedure


a. The applicant’s resume; including related experience in the field of pyrometallurgy. Indicate internships, work and/or co-op experience, academic courses and projects related to the pyrometallurgy. Current involvement in extracurricular activities is a plus.

b. Student statement of intent; including the applicant’s a career/educational objectives in pyrometallurgy, how this award would help her/him in achieving these objectives, future plans to stay involved in the pyrometallurgical industry or research community (max. 1 page).

c. Name of at least one reference to be contacted upon request.

d. The applicant should be willing to become a member of the MetSoc Pyrometallurgy section, attend the section meetings on a regular basis, and help in future conferences or section activities.

(The transcript of the student is no longer required)

Start Application for MetSoc Scholarships

Please refer to the REQUIREMENTS & PROCESS for more information on the application process.


Selection Criteria

The nomination criteria: are academic excellence, research potential, leadership, community service and extra-curricular activities. The adjudication of the scholarship shall be made by the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM. In making its determination, the MetSoc Pyrometallurgy Executive Committee will consider the academic excellence of the nominee and make a selection on the basis of demonstrated achievement and potential for significant contributions to the field.

Recipient’s Obligation

Information for the Student Scholarship Recipients

The award shall be presented at the Conference of Metallurgists. At that time, the recipient may be requested to speak on a subject of major interest to them in the field of metallurgy.

We encourage student recipients to apply for student travel funding (if travel is more than 500km) through the MetSoc Student program to help subsidize travel costs. The Pyrometallurgy section may grant the student recipients a complimentary ticket for the award banquet.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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