MetSoc Sustainability Scholarship

Purpose of the Scholarship

MetSoc’s Sustainability Section is passionately committed to creating a more sustainable global metallurgical and materials industry. The scholarship aims to encourage graduate studies in technical and environmental areas in the metallurgical and materials industry (i.e., research focused on the development of environmental practices and standards).

2022 recipient

Fariborz Faraji, Queen’s University

Fariborz is a PhD candidate at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University. Fariborz has a multidisciplinary background in the fields of materials and metallurgy, mining and resource management, chemistry, and biochemistry. At Queen’s in the Environmental and Hydrometallurgy group, his research focus is on the development of sustainable processes for metal production. Application of bacteria for gold recovery from low-grade resources, recycling of metals from electronic waste and spent lithium-ion batteries, valorisation of mineralogical waste, copper recovery from refractory resources by using ozonation and ultrasound, application of ionic liquids as safe and highly efficient reagents for metal purification, and synthesizing and utilization of deep eutectic solvents for metal recovery are some examples of Fariborz diverse research activities. All the activities are reflected in Fariborz board list of publications and presentations. In addition to the MetSoc 2022 Sustainability Scholarship Award, Fariborz has won other prestigious awards as well. MetSoc Student Doctoral Scholarship Award in 2021, Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS), and Gordon Bell Fellowship in Transformative Mining are examples of the top aspired awards offered in Canada, the province of Ontario, and the department of mining.

Scholarships Terms

The value of the scholarship is a single payment of $5,000 CAD. The amount of the award is reviewed annually by the Sustainability Section of MetSoc. No single individual should hold more than one scholarship award within MetSoc including its Technical sections in a given year. One award shall be made each year. However, the Award Committee may decide not to make an award if a suitable recipient is not identified.


To be eligible the candidate should be registered in a Master’s or Ph.D. program during the entire 2022/2023 academic year in a Canadian university.

Application Procedure

Applications must include:
1) A copy of the applicant’s academic transcripts
2) A summary of the project, including preliminary results, a discussion concerning subsequent project orientation, and a list of prepared publications or conference presentations (2-3 pages maximum)

Start Application for MetSoc Scholarships

Please refer to the REQUIREMENTS & PROCESS for more information on the application process.


Selection Criteria

  • Impact of research on the sustainability of the metallurgical and materials industry
  • Superior academic ability
  • Creative and original thinking
  • Involvement in school or industry activities

Recipient’s Obligation

Information for the Student Scholarship Recipients

The award shall be presented at the Conference of Metallurgists. At that time, the recipient may be requested to speak on a subject of major interest to them in the field of metallurgy.

We encourage student recipients to apply for student travel funding (if travel is more than 500km) through the MetSoc Student program to help subsidize travel costs. The Sustainability section may grant the student recipients a complimentary ticket for the award banquet.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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