MetSoc Undergraduate Scholarship Award

Other section awards are available for students from the Hydrometallurgy section.  Visit the hydrometallurgy section website for more information and to submit your nomination at the Hydrometallurgy student awards.

Purpose of the Scholarship

The purpose of the MetSoc Undergrad Student Scholarship is to encourage and support the attainment of educational goals by students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement at a Canadian university.

Scholarships Terms

One award shall be made each year. However, the Award Committee may decide not to make an award if a suitable recipient is not identified. The value of the scholarship is a single payment of $2,000. The student may also be eligible to receive a MetSoc Travel Grant ($500) to COM to receive the award (only if the student’s host institute is more than 500km of the Conference location).  The amount of the award is reviewed annually by the Board of Directors of MetSoc. No single individual should hold more than one scholarship award within MetSoc including its Technical sections in a given year.


This award is intended for an outstanding final year full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled in a materials science/metallurgy/ mining department at a Canadian institute.

Application Procedure

Application packages can be submitted directly by the student using the online award system. Application packages are limited to the documents requested only. Additional documents will not be weighted into the score of the candidate.

Each application must include:

  1. One letter of recommendation from the faculty member addressing the selection criteria relative to the field of study in metallurgical or materials research. It should answer the question: “Why do you wish to single out this student for the award?” The letter should also indicate the expected completion date of the candidate’s degree program.
  2. A written letter by the student of why he/she meets the criteria of the award by describing the following:
    1. A brief  Plan of Work including immediate research goals and career goals
    2. Their research and academic excellence and potential
    3. Their demonstrated impact and initiative ​
    4. Any community service and/or extra-curricular activities.
  3.  A curriculum vitae for the student, listing publications and work experience, as well as the month and the year at which all university degrees were started or completed.
  4. A transcript

Selection Criteria

The adjudication of the award shall be made by the Awards Committee of The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM. In making its determination, the MetSoc Awards Committee will consider the research and academic excellence and/ or potential of the nominee and select based on demonstrated achievement and potential for significant contributions to the field. The Awards Committee will use a weighted numeric scale on these four criteria:

  • Research excellence /potential
  • Academic Excellence
  • Demonstrated impact and initiative ​
    • Examples could include: organizing student events, serving on the executive of MetSoc student chapter, leading social media activities for department/team, member of the design team
  • Community service/extra-curricular activities

The percentage of the scale will vary based on the type of scholarship with more emphasis on will vary based on the type of scholarship with more emphasis on research for the Doctoral and more academic excellence for undergraduate.

Recipient’s Obligation

The Award shall be presented at the Conference of Metallurgists. At that time, the recipient may be requested to speak on a subject of major interest to him/her in the field of metallurgy.

Information for the Student Scholarship Recipients

Every year MetSoc honours three students in three different categories; Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral. The students receive awards at the annual conference of metallurgists (COM). In addition to the awards, MetSoc also supports the students to attend the conference.

  • Conference registration is free for the award recipients.
  • Accommodation during the conference duration is provided to the recipients by MetSoc at one of the conference hotels.
  • Travel costs are subsidized by MetSoc based on the student travel distance. In general, students traveling East-West will receive approximately $800 and those traveling within central Canada (Ontario/Quebec) will receive approximately $500. No travel receipts will be required as the amount will be paid as a stipend, not a reimbursement. Therefore, the student recipients can allocate this fund to travel costs or meal costs, at their discretion. However, the amount may vary as it depends on the yearly student travel budget and is at the discretion of the executive manager/student service chair.
  • The student recipients will also receive a complimentary ticket for the award banquet.

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