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The Metallurgy and Materials Society – Standing Committee Listing

MetSoc’s standing committees include publication, membership services, student activities, and historical metallurgy. Each committee serves the interest of membership and activities related to MetSoc of the CIM. In addition to the standing committees, MetSoc has seven technical sections that focus on specific metallurgy and materials branches.  For more information about MetSoc and the organization or for details related to membership, click here!

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) – Chair

The vision of MetSoc is to be a vibrant, diverse community of materials, and metallurgy professionals leading in environmental stewardship, value creation and social responsibility. As such, at the November 2021 board meeting, MetSoc created a new standing committee on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). A group of enthusiastic volunteers joined this committee to bring their commitment, and sense of fairmindedness to MetSoc. Together we can achieve collective change and representation in our industry. See more about the EDI Committee

Members of the EDI committee

  • Chair- Greg Richards, Teck Metals, Retired
  • Julie Lévesque, Centre de métallurgie du Québec, MetSoc VP
  • Georges Houlachi, Hydro-Québec, MetSoc Membership chair
  • Sidney Omelon, McGill University, MetSoc Student chair
  • Fangyu Liu, Hatch Ltd, MetSoc EP
  • Sumanth Shankar, McMaster University, MetSoc Light Metals Section chair
  • Ben Yu, National Research Council Canada
  • Curtis Dewasha, Queen’s University
  • Mohammadali (Mo) Shahsavari, The University of British Columbia
  • Audrey Pothier,  Rio Tinto
  • Erin Furnell, University of Toronto
  • Rebecca Achina-Oben, University of Alberta
  • Brigitte Farah, MetSoc Managing Director


Business Development – Chair

The Business Development Chairperson strives to build a vibrant organization for MetSoc-CIM members and section members by promoting and organizing activities and services for the society.

Daniel Brosig
Director, Energy Solutions at Gas Cleaning Technologies LLC


Historical Metallurgy – Chair

The Historical Metallurgy Chairperson is responsible for the technical papers: to encourage technical paper writing and to solicit papers for the CIM Magazine’s Historical Metallurgy Notes. At the Conference of Metallurgists: to hold the Committee’s Annual Meeting (the Historical Metallurgy Luncheon and to organize a field trip to a historical site, when applicable.
See more about the Historical Metallurgy Committee

Engin Ozberk
CIM Fellow


Publications – Chair

The Publications Chairperson is primarily responsible for the administrative aspect of publication and for handling all communication between the editorial and the production side of the publication process.  In addition, the Chairperson ensures adherence to MetSoc’s publication policies and standards for publication.

André Phillion
Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University


Student Activities – Chair

The Student Activities Chairperson’s primary responsibility is to work in the interest of Students whose main requirements are employment, funding and exposure to the industry. They will facilitate Student-Industry interaction with social events and Industry-Student Mixer at the Conference of Metallurgists. They will oversee MetSoc Student Chapters and assist in planning activities for the universities across Canada.

Sidney Omelon
Department of Materials Engineering, McGill University

Ali Nasiri
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie University


Membership Services – Chair

The Membership Chairperson is responsible for managing the Emerging Professionals program and support with the development of new programs. They are also assisting with the development of general member needs/trends and the improvement of existing services.

Georges Houlachi
Hydro Quebec, LTE lab

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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