MetSoc Technical Sections

The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM (MetSoc) consists of seven (7 ) Technical sections:

  • Environment
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Light Metals
  • Management in Metallurgy
  • Materials
  • Minerals Science and Engineering
  • Pyrometallurgy


The Environment Section provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and skills in technical and environmental areas between professionals in the metallurgical ad materials industry. The Section’s activities reflect the current needs of the industry. Our mandate is to provide leadership in knowledge sharing and professional development for a broad range of environmental fields, and in the development of environmental practices and standards.

Noelene Ahern
Senior Technical Manager
AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions Ltd.
323 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC
Tel.: (604) 682-1730 ext. 237


The Hydrometallurgy Section’s focus in the principles and practice of extraction of metals from ores or concentrates and their subsequent transformation into useable forms by means of environmentally sound aqueous processes. Visit:

Mike Dry
Arithmetek Inc.
1331 Hetherington Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9L 1X4
Tel: (705) 743-7837

Light Metals

The Light Metals Section is concerned with light metals such as Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Lithium, Strontium and Silicon. The Section examines issues such as extraction and refining, fabrication and applications, materials characterization, recycling and the potential for industrial and commercial development.

Julie Lévesque
Professionnelle de recherche
Laboratoire de mécanique des matériaux métalliques et composites
Université Laval
418-656-2131 poste 10525

André Phillion
Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University
Address: MSE/JHE 357 | 1280 Main St W | Hamilton, ON | L8S 4L7
Tel: +1 905 525 9140 x24046

Management in Metallurgy

The Management in Metallurgy Section responds to the ever-growing needs of MetSoc members who find themselves in positions requiring a set of non-technical skills that rarely anyone gets at university or in graduate studies. The Section helps members become aware of such issues as:

  • Project management
  • Human resources
  • Strategic planning
  • Finance
  • Business growth strategies
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Risk management
  • Environment, health and safety

Discussions of these and other subjects are done through specific sessions in conferences, workshops, short courses and publications.

The success of the Management in Metallurgy Section will only be possible with membership involvement.

Nils Voermann
Global Managing Director Hatch
2800 Speakman Drive
Sheridan Science and Technology Park
Mississaunga, ON L5K 2R7
Tel.: +1(905) 491-7475


The focus of the Materials section is on all secondary processing of materials. The Section is concerned with aspects of in-situ performance of materials, under a full range of service conditions (thermal, mechanical and chemical). Emphasis is also placed upon the microdesign and engineering of high performance materials, advanced processing technologies and microstructure and property characterization of both metallic and non-metallic inorganic materials.


Jung Song
Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, McGill University
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: (514) 398-4592


Minerals Science and Engineering

The Mineral Sciences and Engineering Section brings together scientists, engineers and academics in Mineral Processing, Mineralogy and other related subjects. Emphasis is on fundamentals, research and development. The constituents of the section are mostly researchers and development engineers from industry, research centers and universities.

Maria E. Holuszko
University of British Columbia
NBK Mining Engineering
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4
Tel.: (604) 822-5475


The Pyrometallurgy Section promotes the active exchange of information within the Canadian base metal industry. This group of researchers and industrial operators focuses on thermodynamics, slag chemistry, process fundamentals, furnace design, operating practices, minor element behavior and off-gas treatment.

Sina MostaghelSina Mostaghel
2800 Speakman Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, L5K2R7
Tel: +1 (905) 403 4200 ext. 3413

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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