PbZn 2020 MetSoc et TMS

Symposium International PbZn 2020- 9e édition

#Lead and #Zinc Processing (PbZn 2020),

la conférence aura lieu durant TMS 2020 du 23 au 27 février, San Diego, California.

Date limite pour contribution : 1 er juillet 2019


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Established in 1970, the PbZn symposium series is considered the leading international technical forum for the lead and zinc processing industries. PbZn 2020 will convene operators, engineers, and researchers to exchange information about all aspects of current processing technologies for primary and secondary lead and zinc, as well as emerging technologies for both metals.

Co-location with the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2020) affords even greater exposure for your work, since all TMS2020 attendees will have access to PbZn 2020 programming as part of their registration.

Technical Program
Specific technical Technical topics for PbZn 2020 include, but are not limited to:

  • Global factors affecting the production of zinc and lead, including economic aspects, product development and marketing endeavors, and environmental and health issues<
  • Surveys of existing smelters and refineries for primary and secondary lead and zinc production
  • Lead and zinc production technology
  • Product applications, marketing, and new product development
  • Recycling technologies and product life cycle issues
  • Fundamental research related to lead and zinc processes and to understanding the basic theories of lead and zinc processing
MetSoc est une société constituante de l'Institut canadien des mines, de la métallurgie et du pétrole (ICM).
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