Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award

The Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award was established by the Pyrometallurgy Section to recognize the best paper on this topic published in either the CIM Magazine, the Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly or the Conference Proceedings from the previous year. The section selects the best paper and the nominations are reviewed by the Award Subcommittee.

This award is not open to nominations from the public. The award is administered by the committee of the section of MetSoc.

2020 Award Recipient

Fundamental Analysis for an Improved Multi Metal Recovery by Combining Copper and Lead Metallurgy
Christoph Zschiesche, Gerardo Raul Fernando Alvear Flores, and Mehmet Ayhan,

Aurubis AG Jürgen Antrekowitsch, Montanuniversität Leoben Austria
Published in the Proceedings of the 58th Annual Conference of Metallurgists hosting the 10th International Copper Conference 2019


Synergies between copper and lead extractive metallurgical processes enable the processing of a broad range of polymetallic materials. However, this complexity also brings some challenges expressed in terms of complex intermediates and final products. For instance, based on the limited solubility of Cu and Ni in crude lead bullion additional phases will appear during the crystallization of the melt. Beyond the need for continuous optimization of metallurgy the control of phase solidification is a further important pillar to achieve a more efficient process by minimizing the amount and cycles of reverts. This paper describes the microscopy study of one of the most relevant intermediate in the Cu and Pb metallurgy, the Cu based alloy and highlights the importance of applying a well-controlled cooling sequence to improve the overall process efficiency.

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