Student Multi-Scale Image Contest 2023

MetSoc will celebrate the beauty of materials research at multi-scales by hosting its first image contest for MetSoc students.

There are two categories for this competition:

  1. Materials in Motion: images of any activity related to materials research, (e.g., a stunning process or experimental setup, equipment/researchers in action)
  2. Magnificent Micrographs: optical microscopic or electron microscopic-produced images, (e.g., OM, laser confocal, SEM, EBSD, TEM images). False color image changes are allowed.

Submission deadline: April 28, 2023

MetSoc Student Award Committee of judges will select first and second-place images for each category. The winners will earn cash prizes, and their images will be mounted and displayed at the 62nd Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2023) in Toronto, Ontario on August 21-24, 2023.

Learn more about the criteria here



5 best tips to make the most of your MetSoc experience

1. Become a CIM student member 

The first step to being part of the Metallurgy and Materials Society is to become a CIM member. With this membership you open a gateway to connecting with the right people, learning more about your chosen field and making a difference in the community. 

Make the most of the CIM student membership by volunteering, presenting a paper or poster at a conference, organizing a field trip or joining a student chapter. 

Student membership costs only $20 CAD per year. 

Learn more about CIM membership benefits


2. Present at a Conference

2.1 The Conference of Metallurgists

The Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM) is considered the Premier event for metallurgists and material science professionals in Canada consisting of symposia that attract experts from all over the world. It also includes scientific and technical workshops of extremely high caliber, a trade show and industrial visits. This conference is held every year in August. 

Students are encouraged to participate through technical oral presentations, poster presentations, or attending section meetings and special events, such as the student-industry mixer.

For more information, visit

2.2 The Canadian Materials Science Conference

The Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC) is a highly student-based conference held yearly in June at a Canadian university. The conference provides an informal atmosphere for +150 delegates and encourages a wide range of participation from graduate students while bringing distinguished researchers for the more sharply focused workshops and symposia.

For more information, visit


3. Apply for a Scholarship or Award

3.1 Student Awards and Scholarships

MetSoc and its technical sections encourage Canadian students in the metallurgy and materials science fields by offering many awards and scholarships to honour their accomplishments. We provide over $30,000 in scholarships and student awards each year.

The call for applications opens in December and closes in March. 

View the list of student awards and scholarships

3.2 Best Poster Award

Take part in the poster session at a conference such as COM and CMSC, and compete in the student poster competition for cash prizes. This provides students and delegates with the opportunity to display their work and make new contacts within their field. Consult this year’s list of events to see which conference offers a poster competition.


4. Apply for Student Funding

4.1 Conference Travel Funding

COM and CMSC have student travel funding available for CIM Student members enrolled in a Canadian University traveling more than 500 km to the conference. Funding opens in January. Applications must be filled out by May. 

Any request for travel funding should include a letter of support from their current supervisor. Priority is given to undergraduates. The maximum funding is $500 depending on travel requirements. Students are advised of the final decision about one month prior to the conference. For more information, visit the conference’s website.

Additional funding is available from MetSoc Technical Sections. Learn more about what they have to offer.

4.2 Field Trip funding – Mineral Sciences and Engineering Section Funding

The mineral sciences and engineering technical section will contribute $1,000 CAD towards one class field trip to one university per year. Requests for funding should be made by a professor to the section chair.


5. Join a Student Chapter

The MetSoc Student Chapters are groups of students assembled to organize activities related to the fields of mineral extraction, metallurgy and materials science. Student Chapter benefits include conference and field trip funding, a distinguished lecturer program and a competition with a cash prize. All students are welcome to join their university’s chapter. 

View the list of Universities with a Chapter

If your university doesn’t have a Chapter, why not create a Chapter? Contact to find out how to create your chapter.

MetSoc Student Services

Sidney Omelon
Department of Materials Engineering, McGill University

Ali Nasiri
Dalhousie University

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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