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MetSoc is proud to bring you its open access videos featuring recorded speaker presentations, Society newsletter videos, and interview with featured guests.

You will find technical presentations such conferences as the Conference of Metallurgists, World Gold and Nickel-Cobalt, International Mineral Processors Congress and America Conference on Al Alloys, and more.

Video Library and Playlists

Below you will find some of our Playlists (Women in STEM, Newsletter, IMPC, Learning Centre, etc).  To view our entire video library: 

Metsoc of CIM Minutes September 2018- Metallurgy & Materials Society News

This is Brigitte Farah for the MetSoc minutes for the month of September 2018 Today I will discuss events coming up, deadlines to keep in mind and introducing our new Board members to you. Of course starting with our flagship event, the 57th annual conference of metallurgists which is hosted this year in Columbus Ohio is gearing up to welcome you. Early bird registration is September 12th- As a full delegate, you get access to all the technical programming, conference proceedings, 3 networking cocktails, lunch on two days and much more. Don’t forget, as well to purchase your banquet ticket…

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On demand Webinars & Technical presentations

David Lloyd- Aspects of Plasticity and Frature Under Bending-ICAA16

Hardening Optimization by Partial Substitution of Si & Mg with Ge & Li in Lean 6xxx Alloys

The Growth of Al Auto Body Sheet in the US and the Challenge for End of Service Recycling

Michael J Benoit: Brazing Characteristics of Warm Formed Automotive Heat Exchanger Components

This playlist includes training sessions, webinars and other presentations from our community including some key presentations from our conferences.

Video Library

Metsoc of CIM Minutes September 2018- Metallurgy & Materials Society News

MetSoc of CIM Minutes August 2018- Metallurgy & Materials Society news

Metsoc Minutes July 2018- Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM

Metsoc of CIM Minutes June 2018 -Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM

Our video library on contains among videos, your monthly MetSoc newsletter, panel discussions, Student Competitions videos and interviews with key organizers and engineers in our community.

Learning Centre-Conference presentation videos

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The Learning Center contains recordings of some of our key presentations and Plenaries at the Conference of Metallurgists and other conferences. Explore these sessions to gain deeper insight into the trends shaping your industry.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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