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You will find technical presentations such conferences as the Conference of Metallurgists, World Gold and Nickel-Cobalt, International Mineral Processors Congress and America Conference on Al Alloys, and more.

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Digital events, Board elections, and 2021 | Metallurgy & Materials Society News July 2020

Hello Community Yes, we are back with the MetSoc minutes. I know it has been over 7 months but you are all aware of the circumstances and I thank you now for tuning in. Like many, our conference Uranium and COM won't take place in person however we are so pleased that to transform both conferences into a digital conference format for the community. Mark your calendars because October 14-15 we will be presenting some live content of our conference. Our on-demand presentations will be available for registered conference delegates for an extended period after the live dates. Stay tuned…

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Men, Machines and the Environment in Copper Cliff-Sam Marcuson, MetSoc Airey Award recipient

Risk Adjusted Life Cycle cost of mine water treatment

David Lloyd- Aspects of Plasticity and Frature Under Bending-ICAA16

Hardening Optimization by Partial Substitution of Si & Mg with Ge & Li in Lean 6xxx Alloys

This playlist includes training sessions, webinars, and other presentations from our community including some key presentations from our conferences.

Video Library

Digital events, Board elections, and 2021 | Metallurgy & Materials Society News July 2020

Recognizing great work at MetSoc - Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM

People on the move, new vision and Metallurgical Processing Bulletin unveiled!

3 Things to know before you go! COM Hosting Copper 2019 conference

Our video library contains among videos, your monthly MetSoc newsletter, panel discussions, Student Competitions videos, and interviews with key organizers and engineers in our community.

METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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