Vision and Mission

MetSoc of CIM Vision and Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement of MetSoc of CCIM


Vision: To be a vibrant, diverse community of materials and metallurgy professionals leading in environmental stewardship, value creation and social responsibility.

Mission: The purpose of MetSoc is to serve our members, society and others involved in the research, development and application of the science and technologies for the environmentally responsible extraction, fabrication, utilization and recycling of metals and materials. We will achieve this by:

  • Promoting student membership and participation
  • Recognizing excellence and outstanding achievements
  • Organizing world-class conferences that attract leaders in the field
  • Advancing and promoting the metallurgical and materials professions in Canada
  • Disseminating knowledge
  • Producing timely quality publications
  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Being the world’s expert source for technical knowledge and best practices
  • Providing professional membership services
  • Collaborating with international partners
  • Building a vibrant and diverse organization

Updated by MetSoc BOD- minutes 23 August 2015

Vision statement updated August 2019

MetSoc of CIM Board of Directors are constantly measuring industry demands and listening to its members while restructuring the strategic plan all while considering MetSoc of CIM vision and mission. Activities currently under development include numerous digital outreach programs to fill the needs of members with limited capacity to travel for professional development. The outreach program includes:

  • Social Media Initiatives
  • Webinars
  • Videos at Industry Events

Stay tuned for more developments as they become available.



METSOC is a constituent society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).
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