IN MEMORIAM – Prof. Andrzej E. Warczok (1944-2018)

Prof. Andrzej Warczok (1944-2018)

Andrzej Warczok, Professor, Consultant,  passed away on April 30th 2018. Professor Warczok will be missed by the Metallurgy Science community and especially by the Pyrometallurgy community where he had a large impact.

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The Pyrometallurgy Community mourns the loss of a brillant man

Andrzej was a brilliant man who was a Head of Department of Metallurgy and Copper and Rare Metals at AGH in Cracow, Poland, Senior Research Fellow at U of T, a Professor of Pyrometallurgy at at University of Chile.

He travelled the world as an engineering educator and a consultant. He never retired ; one of his last project included participation in designing and launching of the world’s largest slurry furnace at KGHM in Gologow. He published dozens of articles and holds multiple patents to his name.

Some of Professors Warczok honours and mentions:

  • 21 patents
  • 107 publications
    honor date- 2010 issuer Cambridge Biobraphical Insitute
  • Biography in “WHO IS WHO IN THE WORLD”
    Oct 2009 -issuer Marqui
  • Prize of Polish Ministry of Education for Ph.D. thesis.
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